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For a first-class renovation of an apartment, a house or an office, six fundamental components are required: experience, professional skills, modern equipment, high-quality materials, creative approach and constant control over the process. All this and even more can be offered to you by our professionals.

We actively put into action our projects in the fields of design, renovation and construction.

Choose your renovation right now


$ 290/ М²

Major renovation for apartments of 35-50 m2 starting from scratch at a fixed price in fixed time. You can arrange the furniture in just 42 working days.


от $ 480/ М²

Major renovation in accordance with design-project. We will effect everithing starting from scratch till furniture arrangement. You will only have to move into your fresh-renovated place and enjoy.


от $ 560/ М²

Exclusive execution of design concept using materials of premium class segment.

Ремонт от DOMATTI

For 90% of people apartment renovation seems to be a difficult, emotionally costly and expensive process. Although in fact you can cope with any repairs or improvements. This requires a competent approach and streamlined processes. It is important to choose professionals with extensive experience and portfolio.

The key to success of any construction process is proper preparation. Without a project design and technical specification, you can overpay 30%-40% and still not get a desired result.

Therefore, we a sure it is necessary to make a design project, think over and calculate everything to the finest detail – from the desired interior style and budget to each necessary part, such as a chandelier or sink in the bathroom.

Work order

When you start renovation works, their proper planning and order are very important.

Priority and sequence of works that we use:

– technical specifications, calculation of estimates and signing the contract;

– electrical installation works, laying of ventilation runs and conditioners external blocks’ installation;

– laying of pipes;

– walls and ceiling plastering (stretch ceiling is installed after walls’ finishing);

– walls spackling and wallpapering;

– installation of indoor units of air conditioners and lighting;

– laying flooring;

– furniture assembling;

– installation of interior doors;

– installation of plinth.

Our turnkey services are beneficial and reliable for people who want to achieve result without complexities of construction process and to create comfort home in a short time.

“Turnkey” renovation

Architectural replanning allows you to make a studio apartment from a space with many rooms, or vice versa, to zone a whole space, dividing it into several rooms.

On the basis of the design project, an estimate calculation is made, and only then we proceed to the practical implementation.

The decisive advantage of “turnkey" apartment renovation is that all the work is completely performed by our team, and you just check their implementation at different stages. This approach is convenient because it saves time, money and nerves, and allows you to make an apartment the way you dreamed.

From the rough-in stage to the final decoration of the rooms – all the works are executed by our workers and designers. It allows you to avoid possible mistakes that can be difficult to correct, and most importantly: you do not need to change your lifestyle for endless work inspections.

House renovation

The main difference between apartment renovation and house renovation is that the area of ​​the house is 2-3 times bigger, that is why the total cost of the project is higher, although the cost of 1 m2 can be cheaper than 1 m2 in a one-room apartment due to the large volume. Outdoor works are also additional expenses. We do not forget about the design and arrangement of outdoor space. In such projects we involve landscapers who design a garden with trees or a pond.

Placing an order with our company you get excellent service for people who appreciate their time and want to reach high quality result with 24-month guarantee for all executed works.

We offer ready-to-take package services with fixed  prices and no hideaway additional payments.

We cannot control the weather, but we can control schedule, costs, quality and safety.